Blood Drive at Humanist Center – August 8th

American Red Cross holds a blood drive to ensure blood remains readily available for patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The blood drive will be held at the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix (HSGP) Center, 627 W Rio Salado Pkwy, Mesa, AZ 85201

Donors are asked to schedule an appointment prior to arriving at the drive and are required to wear a face-covering or mask while at the drive.

To make an appointment, you can use the Red Cross app or go to and use Sponsor Code “HSGP” or by calling 1-800-RED CROSS.

Or click on or copy & paste this link below:

IMPORTANT: Signing up for this event via Meetup will not get you a donation time slot. To donate you must use the Red Cross app or go to and use Sponsor Code “HSGP” or by calling 1-800-RED CROSS and schedule your donation there.


Humanity Against Police Brutality – June 5th, 2020 6:30 – 7:30 pm

Peace and Social Justice are part of our values. It’s the responsibility of all Americans to stand and fight the systemic racism in American society and the police brutality that is engendered by systemic racism.

On Friday 6/5/2020 we will come together to give voice to outrage and peacefully protest against the continued persecution of our black brothers and sisters at the hands of an unjust system We advocate for social justice, equality and a recognition of our shared humanity. The time to stand together is now. Black Lives Matter.

Please stay tuned for more details.

Supplies to the Navajo Reservation
Arizona Burners Without Borders in a joined effort with Masks are Vital delivered necessities to the Navajo Nation. Lars Olsen and Kathleen Donlinger have been loading their vehicles with donations and delivering them directly to the Navajo Nation.

They have an ongoing need for the following:
N95 Masks
Non-latex gloves (nitrile) and other medical grade gloves
Goggles/eye protection
Surgical and isolation masks
Thermometers (no touch scan)
Portable pulse oximeters (handheld)
Non-perfumed hand sanitizer (60% or more ethanol alcohol or 70% isopropanol)
Disinfecting wipes and sprays
Alcohol-based cleaning wipes (e.g. Sani-Cloth wipes)
The Nation’s immediate community needs include the following:
Disposable masks and cloth/fabric masks*
Cleaning supplies, including disinfectant wipes and spray
Liquid hand soap and hand sanitizer
Paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, and tissue)
Non-perishable food
Bottled water
Baby necessities, including formula, diapers, and wipes
Hay and feed for livestock
Pet food
Firewood and coal

If you would like to donate supplies, time, or money to this project, please contact us.

Food not Bombs, Easter Sunday update from Morgan:

We spent $100 to donate eco friendly, 150 to-go boxes, 100 coffee cups, 2 boxes of gloves, and spices. Donated to us to give to FnB, rice, 12 cloth masks, 2 boxes of gloves, 3 liquid soaps, a large bottle of hand sanitizer, paper bags, t-shirts, eco-friendly forks, and plates plus the use of a mobile hand washing station. Along with two laundry baskets of fruits, veggies, and fresh herbs. We made over 75 dinners, giving out in two places. Since public gathering is grounds for being rousted by police, we walked the locations with a wagon in tow. The 10 dedicated members of FnB do this every week. Thank you, Diane and Rich Harter,
Kathleen Emert, Eliza Dutra, Sunshine Kelly. I was able to provide farm-fresh produce and herbs from my Baby Biosphere.

Masks are Vital Update from Morgan:

April 9th, 2020
Thank you! We had $200 in donations last week for The funds you donated goes to buying PPE masks, such as n95s and supplies to make cotton reusable masks sanitary. We are still trying to process all the overwhelming supplies that have been already donated. We are helping make our state’s medical staff safer each day. Kathleen has an amazing team of volunteer leaders that have made over 3000 comfort masks and are prepped to make 10,000+ more. When one wants to get a job done, we can use what we have or the right tool. At this time we are working toward getting the right tools in the right places and fighting this with what we got. If you would like to volunteer, they need masks sewn, drivers, and more. We are burners and we know how to make the impossible possible.100% of donations made to AzBWB this month go to and are tax-deductible. After you make your donation please fill out the donation form found in Topics or message me and I will send it. If you have or want to donate materials you can fill out the donation form too. You can donate through the link below or Every little bit helps make the world a little bit safer and back to our new normal.

The Gifting Tree

January 2020
The Gifting Tree is an urban yarn graffiti project started by Corinne Vivers over ten years ago. She has been curating and crafting pieces to “yarn-bomb” publicly visible structures such as trees and benches.

The Gifting Tree would be used as a gathering point for BWB volunteers to congregate and collect donations for distribution to the community. One lovely morning, we installed the tree and collected shoes, blankets, jackets, toiletries, and gift cards to distribute to participants at the Food Not Bombs picnics.

Feed My Starving Children– November 2018

Volunteers from Arizona Burners without Borders hand-packed rice, soy, dried vegetables, and a nutritionally complete blend of vitamins and minerals into bags which were then sealed, boxed, placed on pallets, and shipped to reach the neediest children around the world.

Hospice Soup Troop

On December 3rd, 2017, Arizona Burners Without Borders (AZBWB) and friends gathered at the Hospice of the Valley central office and prepared food for 40 hospice patients in 2 patient care facilities. We also donated $500 to Hospice of the Valley, who are champions for dying with dignity and comfort.

Of Chefs, Friends, Laughter, and messes – By Ron Russell

I’m prepared, everything is planned, I’m en route and 20 minutes early… oh crap, I forgot the donation check for HOV at home! Really? I pull off the freeway, turn around and start rushing. I don’t enjoy rushing. It’s one of my least favorite activities. It’s why I arrive at the airport with LOTS of time to spare. Michelle calls asking, “which building”? I call Kelly (HOV), and she tells me it’s the two-story building. Number 2. I call Michelle back and give her the info with the assurance that Chef Eddie was already in full swing in the kitchen and to go on in.

I arrive AT 1:00 pm (when the event was supposed to start). As the event organizer, I should have been early. I come into the kitchen that HOV uses for these events, and I meet Kelly and see that Morgan and her small troop (Kenny & Lily +1), Michelle, Susan, and Chef Eddie and his friend Cate are already there.

I spent some time talking with Kelly and indicate there are more en route, and we should wait about 15 minutes to start without them. Playa time jokes were made.

Over the next 15 minutes, Corinne and Conan arrived, Pam Schuler, Lisa Brashear- Ford, her daughter, and her friend came.

I soon learned that we were not starting from scratch at 1:00 pm as I’d thought. But the chicken was done already, and the cheese for the homemade mac and cheese was already grated. Chef Eddie showed up around 11:30 because as he puts it, things don’t ever go to plan at events, and if you can get started earlier, you do. Well, I was grateful for the work that Chef Eddie and his friend Cate had done in preparing ahead of time.

We took a few pictures, and Kelly told everyone about Hospice of the Valley, and where the food would be going and what it meant to people in Hospice care, especially around this time of year. I thanked everyone for their time and talent to the work ahead that I was glad that we as a group could give back to the community in this way and introduced my friend Chef Eddie who, while not having attended Burning Man, was a burner in his heart.

We got started doing different tasks around the kitchen. Morgan and the kids were put to dishes and grating carrots. Susan, Pam, and Lisa-created the apple cobbler out of filo dough, apples, butter, and spices. Corinne sent all the curry through the blender (with the semi-functional lid) for the sauce. Michelle and I whisked the hell out of the caesar dressing. Lisa’s daughter and her friend sliced all the chicken.

We were winding down with most of the significant tasks. The mac & cheese and apple cobbler were out of the oven when all the lights went out. The power was out. A puff of smoke from the generator as it auto-started and out goes Corinne, Chef Eddie, and Michelle to see if anyone needed help. Everything turned out to be fine, but the power was out, and Chef Eddie was saying “Oh man, that would have been horrible if we were in the middle of cooking.” We were all in agreement that it was a good thing we were mostly done.
Everyone finished up cleaning, and we were making sure that Leave No Trace was in effect. I still remember saying Leave no Trace when one of the youngster’s tasks was “complete,” but they hadn’t taken care of the mess left behind.

We all said our goodbyes and Michelle and I loaded up our cars to take the food to the care units. The nurses at the care unit gathered around, “Ooo-ing and ahhh-ing,” as I described each of the dishes and wrote on the tin-foil trays – Rosemary Chicken with cream of Coconut curry sauce, Baked Macaroni and Cheese, Caesar Salad, Cinnamon Apple Cobbler.

Driving home, I reflected on the event, the genuine connection, and the laughter and smiles that were had by all while doing something kind and generous for others. My spirit felt buoyed & elevated by my service to others, and I feel as though better friendships were forged through the work and shared experience. Today I cherish what we did for the altruistic intent behind our actions. Today is a good day.

Buddha / Ron
AZ Regional Contact8u

Care Package Assembly Meeting 2.0 – Fall 2017

This was our second homeless outreach care package event. AZBWB graciously donated $500 towards this project. The goal was to assemble ~55 care packages to be handed out to those in need. Packages included:
-A reusable drawstring backpack with reflective stripe
-Camping spork (reusable)
-Peanut butter (single serving cup)
-Granola/breakfast bar
-Baby wipes
-Contact information for PACH & SHOW which are student-run health clinics affiliated with the UofA College of Medicine-Phoenix and Northern Arizona University’s Physician Assistant Program (which I attend). Both PACH and SHOW are in Phoenix.
-Contact information for other local services. For maximum community engagement, at the end of the event, you will be encouraged to take a care package (or several) with you to distribute to individuals in your community. A smile, a handshake, and a friendly conversation can go a long way. The exact address will be published a few days before the event. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!

One-n-ten Charity collection- July 2017

AZ Burners without Borders is collecting items for donation to One-n-Ten, a shelter for LGBTQA youth and teens. They recently had a fire (suspicious in origin) and we are assisting by collecting some of the desired items – Please drop off any of the following items between 11-2 on Sunday, say hello, hang out, talk about other events, etc. Light snacks will be available. Food, Hygiene & Personal items
-non-refrigerated to-go meals
-Heat resistant individual packaged snacks
-cold and hot disposable cups
-plastic cutlery
-paper towels
-zip lock bags
-shaving cream
-shampoo & conditions
-tampons/ pads
-Unused Socks and underwear
-New shoes various sized, masculine and feminine
-totes and backpacks
-reusable water bottle
-Clothing store gift cards
-bus passes (single day, 7 days and 31 days)Camp OUTdoors supplies and equipment
-New sleeping bags
-New Sleeping Pads
-New refillable water bottles
-New Pillows
-REI/outdoor store gift cardsYouth Center supplies & equipment lost
-HDMI compatible projector
-Gaming consoles (PS4, xbox1, Wii)
-Game Stop gift cards
-2 large flat-screen TV’s
-Art supplies (markers, paper, paint, paintbrushes, glue)
-Electric piano
-Drum Kit
-Acoustic guitars
-Tambourines, hand drums
-AMC movie passes
-notebooks, pencils, school supplies (High School level)
-Clothing store gift cards
-Gently used Windows 10 or Mac laptops

Empower House Work Party And Fundraiser

The Empower House serves women who have experienced trauma (domestic violence, sexual assault, other violations of heart and mind). Burner run facility!!! We need an outdoor meditation space with a fire pit for drum circles and connection building! Please join the AZ Burners Without Borders as we help create that space for these amazing women on their journey of healing. We will need help from able-bodied people to clear the area and help build up the temple. If you are unable to attend the build, we still would love your help in the way of contributing either an item for the garden or donating money so that we can buy building materials.

Save the Family – Holiday Sponsorship – December 2016

We are sponsoring a family with Save the Family again this year! This time we have a family of 5; a mother and her 4 children. ❤
We will each shop individually, and then meet up at this event time in order to wrap and/or share with each other what we’ve purchased for our family. Delivery is the following morning between 8am and 12pm. I’ll be making delivery but anyone is welcome to join me!

Shelter Dog Walk! May 2016

By popular demand, we are doing the dog walk, again. This was the soonest they had opened for us. I’ll be sure to ask her for a few more dates in our ongoing conversations!We’re going to meet up at 845 am to do a little paperwork and safety training before we walk the doggies.We’ll all walk a few dogs and be sure to learn their story. I encourage everyone to take pictures of their canine companion for the morning and to share photos online with adoption information so we can help them find their forever homes!It will be warm. Bring water, and you must wear long pants and closed toe shoes in order to get into the shelter! 


Burners Without Borders: Save a Family’s Christmas! December 2015

HOLIDAY SPONSORSHIP TIME IS HERE! The date of this event is when we drop off the gifts, HOWEVER, we will begin purchasing gifts and fundraising immediately and will continue right up until 12/18!For the Christmas family sponsorship, which we’ve signed up for, all family members are asked to submit “wish lists” and they ask that we plan on spending approximately $80-100/per person, and an additional $50 grocery store gift card for the whole family. We requested a “medium-sized family” and received a single mother with two children. Details on their requests will be in the pinned post. If we fulfill this family’s wish list quickly, we’ll add another family so we can share our generosity with more families in need

Habitat for Humanity Roofing/Shingling Event – December 2015

We’ve volunteered to cover a need that Habitat for Humanity has on December 5th in Avondale. We’ll be roofing and shingling houses which is straightforward and really not as scary as it could sound I promise! Plus it’s a valuable skill to learn and a fun way to interact as a group. We need 25 people minimum so please sign up. I’ll add more details here as I get them. Thanks and let me know if you have questions!

Walk A Shelter Dog! – November 2015

We’re going to meet up at 9 am to do a little paperwork and safety training before we walk the doggies.I envision that we’ll all walk a dog and be sure to learn their story. I encourage everyone to take pictures of their canine companion for the morning and to share photos online with adoption information so we can help them find their forever homes! 

Bike Build! October 2015

We raised funds through Together We Rise to purchase and build bikes for kids in the foster system. We delivered 10 bikes to Crisis Nurseries!

Sweet Cases for Crisis Nursery – June 2015

Thanks to the donation from Scotto from Saguaro Man funds, we have reached our fundraising goal for the Sweet Case project!We had fun decorating and assembling the cases, now it’s time to deliver them!They do guided tours of their facilities with the CEO and some of the staff. I thought it would be really cool to deliver them as a group and get to see where our donations were going to! Please join me for the delivery and tour. We would love to get a group photo of as many people from our group as possible.If you didn’t get to donate to the original project or help with the assembly, there is still need for more help! I will be posting their wish list in this event posts. Please take a look and bring your donations to the tour. If you can’t meet up for the tour, I would be happy to organize a drop off meeting before the tour.Thank you for being a part of this movement! I am so happy to be part of such a wonderful community!

Feed My Starving Children – June 2015

We’ll be meeting up and helping pack boxes of food for this non-profit group. I hope to have t-shirts for our group by then.Message from them:We’re so grateful for your time volunteering! While donations are not required to pack at this session, we humbly request them. Each volunteer packs about $50 worth of food and FMSC receives no government support. We can only send meals as we have funding.Nearly everyone is able to contribute something, but we leave the amount up to you. Many groups and individuals make advance fundraising a fun part of their service project. We’ve compiled their best ideas here.As you’re willing and able, you may donate on the day you volunteer (by cash, check or credit card), or online here before or after you pack. Please share this information with every member of your group – and thank you once again for your gift of time to Feed My Starving Children!