About Us

It’s Official!
We are a 501c-3! EIN 84-3713084
Known as Arizona Burners Without Borders or AzBWB
Officially Arizona Burners Community Outreach
Email: bwb@azburners.org

Arizona Burners Without Borders (AzBWB) was founded by Corinne Vivers in 2015 as a grass-roots hub for volunteers to connect with opportunities to help those in need. In 2017 they reorganized under the leadership of Ron Russell with the goal of obtaining status as a non-profit organization. In the winter of 2019, a steering committee was formed to create the vision, and mission statement, and select the board members for the non-profit. AzBWB was granted its 501c-3 in February 2020. The current board is Morgan Winburn as President, Corinne Vivers as Vice-President, Jill Lovell as Treasurer, and April Davis as Secretary. Advising is Ron Russell, Isobel Truly, Tyrus Watson, and Kathleen Emert.

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